Japanese English Electronic Dictionary Canon Wordtank Z410 Pink Touch Panel

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Japanese English Electronic Dictionary
Canon Wordtank Z410PK
Touch Panel PINK

Display can be switched to English menu
English Quick Guide available

Canon Wordtank Z410PK Online Shop / Online Store - 04

Canon Wordtank Z410PK Online Shop / Online Store - 05

Stylus Input System
Enter Japanese or English words via the wordtanks stylus pen. Romaji, Japanese Kanji, English, Katakana and Hiragana can be entered via the stylus pen. In addition the V300 keyboard can also be used to input words.

Stylus Navigation System
Allows the use of the included stylus to navigate the dictionaries and features of the Wordtank.

MP3 Player
Play your favorite songs on your wordtank while you work

Voice Memo
Record your voice and play it back for memos or to check your pronunciation

USB/PC Connection
The first wordtank with the ability to connect to a windows based PC. Look up unknown words or Kanji that appear on the web, e-mail or documents by highlighting the unkown words.

Backlit Screen
Extra Bright Backlit Screen offers trouble free use in dark environments

SD Card
Input for SD Cards for storage, MP3 Music or the upcoming Wordtank SD Card Content dictionaries

Book Marker Function
User is able to save their space within a dictionary for later use

Kanji Search
Kanji can be searched from its On/Kun reading, radical stroke count, total stroke count, reading of the kanji components or a combination of all the search methods used together.

Kanji Animation Feature
Stroke order of each Kanji in animated on-screen (an excellent tool to learn writing of Kanji characters)

Multi-Jump Function
Allows the user to go from one dictionary to another while searching for a word or a Kanji character. Useful for looking up the hiragana meaning to unknown kanji.

Quick Search
Displays possible choices as characters and words are being entered

Plural Dictionary Search
Search plural word entries

Multiple Dictionary Search
Allows several dictionaries to be searched simultaneously

Example Search
Search example sentences in English and Japanese

Wildcard Search
Makes it possible to find words that you only remember partially

History Function
Words that were previously searched can be recalled.

Word Memo
Words or Kanji you wish to memorize can be saved in specific files ( Great for studying new words or Kanji!)

English Menu Message
(Change the user menu message to Japanese or English, English Menu is more extensive and detailed then previous word tanks)

Additional features
Romaji or Kana input, auto power off, magnifying of text and English spell check, Letter Size Change from 12/16/24 pixels in size, Size: 153×105.5x24mm

One Year
Japanese warranty

English Language Quick Guide
Briefly explains dictionaries main features and setup

EMS (Fully Insured with Tracking Number/ 4 – 7 days)
USA/Canada/Australia FREE SHIPPING
South America/ Africa $30.00


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