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Japanese German English Electronic Dictionary
Japanisch Deutsch Englisch Elektronisches Wörterbuch

■Language Contents

Contents Quantity 72
Languages Japanese,English,German
Japanese dictionaries

-Digital Daijisen Japanese Dictionary Approx. 242,000 entries, 4,200 illustrations

-Meikyo Japanese Dictionary Approx. 70,000 entries

-Shinkangorin Kanji Dictionary 14,353 character, approx. 50,000 words and expressions

-NHK Pronunciation Dictionary Approx. 69,000 entries

-Japanese Collocation Dictionary Approx. 40,000 entries

-Japanese Thesaurus Approx. 6,000 entries and 25,000 words

-Gendai Katakana Dictionary Approx. 4,055 entries

-Taishukan Yojijykugo Dictionary Approx. 1,945 Jyoyo kanji

English dictionaries

-Genius English-Japanese dictionary Approx. 270,000 entries

-Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary Approx. 184,500 entries, 800 illustrations

-Progressive Japanese-English dictionary(3rd Ed.) Approx. 90,000 entries

-English Thesaurus Approx. 21,000 entries

-Katakana/English Spelling Dictionary Approx. 67,000 entries

German dictionaries

-Shogakukan Grosses Deutsch-Japanisches Wörterbüch (2nd Ed.) – mit 160.000 Stichwörtern

-Sanseido Crown Deutsch-Japanishes Wörterbüch(4th Ed.) – mit 36,000 Stichwörtern

-Ocford Deutsches Wörterbüch (3rd Ed.) – mit 320,000 Stichwörtern

-DUDEN Deutshes Wörterbüch – mit 360,000 Stichwörtern

■Other Contents


-Nikkei PC Terminology Encyclopedia(2010 Ed.) – Approx. 5,600 entries

-Nikkei Business (Economy & management) – Approx. 1,600 entries

-Foreign Relocation Guide – Approx. 320 entries


-English Name speech/lines Collection Ver.3 Name

-Focus on grammar start to learn German from zero

-The new TOEIC®Test Score up

-The new TOEIC®Test Hyper Exam

-The new TOEIC®2000 Mastery word/phrases

Everyday life

-Britannica International Encyclopedia Approx. 154,000 entries, 10,000 ullustrations

-National Geographic Visual History of the World Approx. 650 entries, 440 explanations, 4,000 ullustrations

-Science Visual Dictionary Approx. 10,000 entries, 990 illustrations

-Digital illustrations plants/flowers growing in Japan Approx. 500 entries, 1,500 illustrations

-Digital illustrations insects growing in Japan Approx. 180 entries, 540 illustrations

-Hitachi Mypedia Encyclopedia Approx. 66,000 entries and 330 illustrations

-The face and heart of Japan Approx. 360 entries

-Japanese Manners Encyclopedia Approx. 800 entries

-The way of counting in Japanese Dictionary 4600 + 600 entries

-Nkkei Health Supplement Encyclopedia 2008 Ed. Approx. 1,000 entries

-Wine Companion Approx. 5,200 entries

-Sports Terminology Dictionary Approx. 4,000 entries

Travel / Conversation

-Improve your English pronunciation

-Dictionary of English conversation

-Kikutan Entry 2000

-Kikutan Basic 4000

-Kikutan Advanced 6000

-English conversation for begineer

-English Pronunciation Clinic

-English Dictionary of conversation Hitokoto Approx 8,000 phrases

-English Travel Dictionary Hitokoto Approx 3,000 phrases

-English Business Dictionary Hitokoto Approx 20,000phrases

-JTB Travel Language Guide in 14 languages: Spanish, German, French Italian, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Russian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Filipino, Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian

-Dr.PASSPORT Travel Help Guides in 7 languese: Japanese → English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean

-Dictionary of World Cuisine Menu (USA, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italia)

Other dictionaries

-Shogakukan Digital Daijisen serch by field Dictionary

-Genius Japanese-English Index

-Mypedia search by field Dictionary

-700 pieces of Japanese Iiterature

-300 pieces of World Literature

-1000 classic phrases

-Brain training Application / number puzzles


Screen Size

Main display: 5.3" touch panel (5.0" 528×320 TFT Color LCD )

Sub display: 2.6" touch panel (2.6" 240×96 TFT Color LCD )

Character size

Side view
16 dot ⇔ 24 dot ⇔ 48 dot
Japanese language based contents
12 dot ⇔ 16 dot ⇔ 24 dot
English, French language based contents and text viewer

Vertical View
12 dot ⇔ 16 dot ⇔ 24 dot
Japanese language based contents

Input Method Handwriting (kanji / hiragana / katakana / alphavetical / numbers), keyboard (alphabetical / kana), soft keyboard input (kana)
Internal memory About 100MB
Battery Type 2×AA alkaline batteries LR6 (AM3) or 2× eneloop® (Eneloop) / 2× AA rechargeable EVOLTA

By using 2× AA alkaline batteries LR6 (AM3) : approximately 130 hours

Byusing 2× eneloop® (Eneloop) / 2× AA rechargeable EVOLTA: approximately 100hours

SPECIFICATIONS Size:about W5.8 ×D4.1 ×H0.6 inc (W14.8 x D10.6 x H1.7 cm) Weight:300 g with batteries and stylus Power supply:AAA battery x 2 (Eneloop/Eveolta compatible) Battery life:60 to 100 hours In the Box:Stylus, Earphones, USB cable, Batteries

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