PFU Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2 “Sumi” Dark Gray


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PFU Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2
“Sumi” Dark Gray PD-KB400B

The Happy Hacking Professional 2 (HHKB2) is a minimalist’s dream come true;
packing more features than a full size keyboard into a very small package.
The HHKB2 still provides full-size keycaps, and uses Topre’s unique
capacitive tactile key switches for comfort and high reliability.
PC and Mac friendly, the HHKB2 maintains its wide functionality by
replacing lesser used keys with key combinations, which once you get
the hang you may never want to use a full size keyboard again;
the HHKB2 even provides audio controls (Mac only) and a built-in 2-port USB 2.0 hub!

Keyboard Features

Model: PD-KB400B

60-Key modified US ANSI Layout
45gram sensitivity, 4mm travel Topre Electrostatic Capacitive Key Switches
Dimensions: 294 x 110 x 39.9mm (11.6 x 4.3 x 1.6in)
Detachable USB mini-A interface, 1.8m cable included
Integrated USB 2.0/1.1 Hub (Current supply limited to 100mA)
High durability PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) keycaps (Spacebar is ABS)
Long life dye-sublimated keycap labeling (Dark gray)
Keyboard mode selection dip-switch
Weight: 530g (1 lb 3oz)

Made in Japan

Topre capacitive key switches

Topre capacitive key switches are a patented hybrid between a mechanical spring based switch,
a rubber dome switch, and a capacitive sensor that combined provide tactility, comfort, and excellent durability.
The unique electrostatic design of Topre switches requires no physical mechanical coupling
and therefore, theoretically, key switch bounce/chatter are eliminated.

Topre, (formerly named Tokyo Press Kogyo), is an electrical, plastics, and metal materials manufacturer based in Japan. A leader in industrial credit card readers, touch sensors, and touch panels; Topre’s key switches are used in critical data-entry applications that require the utmost reliability.

PFU Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2 "Sumi" Dark Gray PD-KB400B - 2

HHKB Pro2 DIP-switch Settings

Important! The HHKB should be unplugged while changing the DIP switch settings;
otherwise the changes may not be recognized.

Driver for Mac can be downloaded from here.
For Mac OS X v 10.x

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